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Wine For The Pregnant and The Nursing Mamas

Do you like wine? I’m sure you do, because who doesn’t.

I have not had an alcoholic beverage for the best part of a year maybe even more than that. But it’s Christmas time again and this Christmas I wanted to join in with the festivities: eat, drink and be merry. So I went on a hunt to find a wine I can drink while being a breastfeeding mama.

Initially I felt like I had no hope because I didn’t think there be a Y not there for me to drink as a breastfeeding women and because I am so adamant I want to breastfeed exclusively from the breast I sort of made up in my mind I wasn’t gonna have a drink I wouldn’t have any wine. I am more of a spirit drinker to be honest I love my gin and tonic I love a good whiskey and Coke but I can settle for a wank because I don’t think there’s any books bring a spirit out there with a girl.

The first time ever came across a non-alcoholic wine was when I was in college and a friend and I went out intentionally to get a little bit tipsy or should I say drunk because in the UK that’s what you do. At the time we were college students and we had very little money so we wanted to buy the cheapest wine that was on the market.

We spent a grand total of 3 pounds. Twice. Before we realised the alcohol content was zero. At the time I was incredibly disappointed and frustrated because I had ‘wasted’ all of £6. But now I am very grateful for that experience because memory serves me well and I can use that experience to cater for my present situation, I can drink wine as a breastfeeding mama! Yay.

FRE offers a range of Non-Alcoholic / Alcohol Removed Wine and Champagne

These FRE Wines were from Asda.

  1. Fre White Zinfandel Rosé £2.98

  2. Fre Chardonnay £2.98

Some Other Alcohol Free Wines are

Eisberg Carbernet Red: £3.50 TESCO


Romance en Blanc Organic White: £7.99

Happy Holidays x

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