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Q&A with Nessa Organics, on the changing image of motherhood, and empowering self love.

I spent some time with the women behind Nessa Organics, a few weeks ago. It was a shoot to capture some of the most beautiful images of real women’s bodies for their campaigns. I’m grateful to have been one of the models. Model? I’m not sure how I feel about that word. It was less ‘model’ and more … ‘woman’.

The day started at 10am, when I arrived. I knocked on the door and was greeted by big smiles and lots of hugs – my favourite kind of greeting. I was shown through to the reception lounge where I met some more of the Nessa Organics team and some of the other model-women.

We all bonded very quickly. Being 90% naked among strangers can do that to you – haha. Anyway, all jokes aside, we did; we really bonded. We all had so much time, love and attention to give one another. The feminine energy was pulsating and I knew I had attracted a beautiful collaboration.

Instead of our bodies being twisted and turned this way and that with orders barked at us from behind the cameras, the photographer and videographer worked around us. They asked us to do whatever we felt comfortable doing. It was a shoot that really stood out to me, because for the first time, it felt like the content was there to really tell our story rather than the other way around.

Now both the image of women and motherhood are changing. We’re being told through the lens of women and mothers the story of womanhood and motherhood. And it feels oh so good.

So after reflecting and basking in lots of gratitude, I decided that I really wanted to dig in a little deeper and introduce them to you. I reached out the the brand and they were happy to tell their very own story and answer some of my follow up questions around the topics of self-love, women empowerment and motherhood.


Can you tell us the story of Nessa Organics? What birthed the idea?

Nessa was born in 2019, out of my own needs as a new mum. I’d just had a baby and I felt so let down by the beauty industry who, up until that point, had always catered to my needs. The only products available to support my postpartum body were dusty old creams that looked like they’d been sitting on pharmacy shelves for years. Nessa offers women purposeful solutions that are also beautiful.

How does Nessa Organics encourage women to care for, love and look after themselves?

Education has always been a big part of what we do. We’ve built a community around educating women on how they can care for their bodies with natural solutions. There’s a real disparity in healthcare and women aren’t always told how to massage their C-section scars or treat intimate dryness in menopause. We’ve created a space where women can find those answers.

Who would you say you predominately create products for?

If you’d have asked me this at the start, I’d have said new mums. But our products have found new audiences of all ages, particularly those going through perimenopause and menopause. So now I’d simply say all women going through hormonal changes who want real, natural skincare solutions.

What inspired your inclusion of menopause products?

As we spoke to more and more women who had found our products and were using them to treat their menopause symptoms, we realised women in this phase of life were also being massively underserved by the beauty industry.

Why is it important that your products are organic?

We use organic ingredients wherever we can because this ensures our formulas are high-quality, in their purest form. We’re passionate about giving women the best nature can offer and for us that starts with organic.

‘You showcase a beautiful range of women’s bodies throughout your website and your social channels,’ what message are you hoping to convey?

We hope that all women will see a little slice of themselves in Nessa. We hope to convey that these products are here for you, no matter what your body’s journey has been or what stage of life you’re in. Representation is everything.

What feelings are you hoping your consumers will experience when they shop with you?

Joy, inclusion, support, hope, empowerment, nourishment.

What are your top three products and how do they help?

Vagina Victory Oil – a collagen-boosting oil designed to treat intimate dryness. It has grown a cult following who describe it as nothing short of life-changing. It’s also great for perineal massage to prepare your vagina for birth and support recovery in the postpartum phase.

Body Blitz – a high-performing, lightweight oil that hydrates skin, boosts elasticity and tightens. It contains some really innovative ingredients, such as Lift Oléoactif®, a 100% plant-based active, shown to visibly correct deep wrinkles, existing fine lines, and improve overall skin quality.

Scar Saviour – our best-selling C-section scar and stretch mark balm. It’s loaded with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant ingredients to accelerate skin and scar recovery. We recommend using this alongside recovery massage techniques to really take care of your scars.

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