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Here’s Three Beautifully Chic Diaper / Nappy Bags

It’s a hard job trying to find chic and discreet looking diaper bags. Internet searches always yield results that look like that bag was made for a child to take to school.

For a long enough time diaper bags have been ruining the aesthetic of the chic, modern Mum!

But I’ve taken a stand and found three beautifully chic and discreet looking diaper bags for whatever your budget.

You, Darling Girl, are most welcome!

Chaneen ✨


Jem + Bae Jemima Grey, £265

Multi-award winning luxury accessories brand Jem + Bea was launched in 2015. Each bag is designed to be modern, fashion-led and luxurious, offering something different, such as a mini clutch, a fresh and unique colour or a hands-free option. We absolutely love all of their designs, especially their original, the Jemima (pictured). If you’ve got that little bit of extra cash, to invest… because let’s face it, it is an investment, you’ll still be using these bags long after your buba is out of diapers and off formula. 

Pacapod Changing Bag Croydon Black, £115

Pacapod have designed their bags to make your life as a mother even simpler. Think about all those time you need something, you want to reach it quickly, easily and with a degree of confidence, right? And there is nothing worse than rooting around a bag looking for the elusive wipes or a nappy bag only to be confronted with a half eaten sandwich.

Well Thank God for Pacapod, each bag comes with a 3-in-1 function. The beautiful bag, a pod for baby and a pod for you! How absolutely clever.

Colourland Diaper Bag Black, £36 (Backpack)

Colourland diaper bags are made to be affordable and good quality. Now, I personally opted for a Colourland bag because, as much as I love-love-love the other bags, I am all about affordability. These bags are designed with the modern mum in mind. They feature insulation inside and a removable changing mat.

Everytime I head out with my colourland bag, I feel so chic because I could just be carrying a normal handbag around with me.

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