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Breastfeeding For the Fathers: TOP TEN TIPS

be the best dad there is

New-Fatherhood is on the horizon and you want to get it right! Many father’s find it difficult to bond with their new baby or new family in the early days. A lot of that is due to their lack of engagement and/or confidence.

So we’ve compiled a list of our top ten tips for new dads of breastfed babies. This list and our guide will help you to feel involved in the breastfeeding process. AND, and, and ultimately help you to have a better bonding experience with your new family.

All the best!


Here’s our top tips:

  1. Tell her she is doing an AMAZING job

  2. Get her food, snacks and drinks

  3. Make sure she eats healthily and stays hydrated

  4. Get her pillows and arm rests

  5. Ask her what she would like for you to do

  6. Burp the baby

  7. Get up with her for night feeds

  8. Encourage her to continue in times of worry

  9. Get her out of the house (and support her with our Breastfeeding in Public Survival Guide)

  10. Help with her confidence, get her some breastfeeding friendly clothes.


Each step in this list will help your family so much in the early stages. It’s important that you establish a healthy breastfeeding relationship from early on to ensure a happy and healthy baby.

 We’ve created a quick and easy 15 page guide with lots of white space and only the most vital information. It’s all about breastfeeding, and being a supportive Dada!

Click here to get your free guide!


You’ll be grateful to have had it sent to you.

Click here to access your FREE guide!

As an aside: I do endorse my breastfeeding tees and other freebies a little, of course, but really it’s all about the baby. And it’s only the last two pages.

All the best.

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