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Breastfeeding Onesie - Leopard Print

Breastfeeding Onesie - Leopard Print


Cosy and warm fleece onesie with pockets and two invisible zippers for breastfeeding access. Perfect for co-sleeping and with a timeless leopard print design. 


Do you remember those early days, which may have disappeared into a distant hazy memory? The early days. The ones where co-sleeping and engorged boobies and sleepless nights and being the only one awake and checking if the baby is still breathing while s/he sleeps. Those nights when you’d Google everything - “Ok Google, how do I co-sleep and breastfeed my newborn in the winter without a duvet without freezing myself.


Well I do - I remember those days and while they’ve become a slightly distant memory, I stayed true to my vision of creating this incredible onsie of dreams.


It allows for easy breastfeeding access at both breasts with invisible zippers, whiles also ensure you cheat is under wraps and warm. Super soft, super cosy.


You’ll live in it.


Size Guide:


  • S 6-10
  • M 12-14
  • L 16-18
  • XL 20
  • XXL 22