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How to Breastfeed and Look Good: Festive Wear

So you’ve got a big event coming up. You’ve got your baby with you. You’re going to breastfeed. But what do you wear?

Does it seem like you can never find anything sensual to wear? Darling girl, I understand you I have the exact same issue every time there is an event on, actually almost every time I want to go out.

But just look at that smile. I feel great. Because I look great!

Here at Chic + Discreet we have been busy trying to find you some of the most beautiful breastfeeding friendly garments. And thankfully, we’ve found a fancy festive piece just in time for the new year.

This Satin-Feel, V-Neck, Batwing blouse is from TopShop. It has a lose connection at the front which makes breastfeeding discreetly so easy! Isn’t that just so chic?

We are hosting a give away over on our Instagram. Make sure to follow us at @ChicandDiscreet and tag 3 mummy friends for your chance to win one of these beautiful blouses!

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