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Fancy Pants

Fancy Pants by chansal69 featuring pleated skirts

The baby rubbed his little round face over and over again into the women’s bosom. Each time the curls that hung over his forehead flattened and bounced back up. Flattened and bounced back up.

The smile on his face said that he loved the feel of her soft cotton sweater. It was simple and plain, and from this distance you could just make out a darkened little invisible fold across the jumper’s front; an invisible zip!

She was a breastfeeder.

But she didn’t look like a Mum. That’s sounds bad, doesn’t it. I just mean, she wasn’t… plain, or tired and rushed looking. She shone with the brightness of a million sequins and popped with the colour of her fire-engine red lips.

Man, she pulled off beauty and life better than I did and I worked in media. We’re supposed to be the quirkiest of the bunch.

Of course you will want your baby to be cuddled up to soft and warm Cotton material, but who’s to say that you can’t have a bad ass bottom.

Dress Up any baby safe and simple outfit but adding a shine and sparkle to your bottoms.

Whether you’re wearing satin, silk, sequins or spikes (be careful with lap sitting) you can go from ‘she’s a Mum’ to ‘she’s a badass beauty’ in no time.

Chloé sequin pants

Topshop stretch jeans

Red skirt £10 –

Boohoo pleated skirt £6.51 –

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