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Colour of Love

Red! Red! Red! Red!

We totally love the colour red this season, and we are not alone.

Red is this seasons must have, go to, no matter the item!

Look, see! Red colours the 2018 catwalks so beautifully!

red catwalk

 Red is everywhere!

Our advice to you is to take a real long look at your wardrobe and show your red items some love! If you don’t have any red items – get some! And if you don’t want to get some, chuck on that red lip religiously! 

Dolce Gabbana embroidered bomber jacket

Boohoo pleated midi skirt £14 –

Lace up shoes £7.24 –

Gucci crossbody purse

Red jewellery £1.58 –

Bésame besame lipstick £16 –

#Fashion #BÃsame #Gucci #clothing #polyvore #Boohoo #DolceampGabbana #Style

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