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Choker: Mamas best friend

Choker: Mamas best friend by chansal69 featuring choker jewellery

Around her neck, tight like tape, sat a small velvet choker.

Now, I tell you this because I was as fascinated by the choker as much as the baby was. She finessed the look of a badass beauty in nothing but said choker, a oversized velvet tee, denim jeans and black leather vans.

She was badass, but she was so good with the baby.

And, OMG I was not the only one with raised eyebrows when she slid over the velvet panel and released her breast to baby.

Now, I don’t quite know why all eyebrows were raised, but for me, it was because I didn’t know she was a mama. I thought maybe the baby was a friend’s baby or a niece.

She didn’t look like a Mum.

She looked so alive, so vibrant. So young!

Just one simple choker and one secret t-shirt panel and all assumptions were binned.

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